Hair Color 101 -

Haircolor 101 is a one day workshop designed for the beginner to learn the craft of coloring hair. The wokshop will cover the various types of products and their uses, the color wheel, and working hands on with wefts of hair and manniquins. At the end of the day you will have enough confidence to take your hair coloring knowledge and techniques a step further to inspire your own creativity.

              By painting the color wheel you will have a visual understanding of color bases, and what tones can be created when various colors are mixed together. This will give you a better comprehension of color and teach you to understand the concept of formulating so you can acheive your desired hair colors. As you lighten and tone the wqefts of hair you wsill see how color bases work and how different colors reflect off each other. On the mannequins you will learn sectioning for highlights and understand basic patterns to follow. This will prevent you from unintentionally missing sections of the head.

               Included in the price of the workshop is a kit that will be used that day and you can take home for further practice

  • Mannequin head                                               
  • One wire tail comb
  • One wide tooth comb
  • One paddle brush
  • Two color brushes
  • One Measuring Cup
  • Hair wefts
  • Twelve clips
  • Litereature