"Classic with a Twist"

I like to fuse natural beauty with an edgy fashion sense.

I've always loved fashion--which to me meant not just clothes but the hair and nails. Even as a teenager, growing up in a New Jersey suburb of Philadelphia, I new it was all about achieving a total look from top to toe.

Then my career began-- I'm proud to say I have worked at the most iconic, trendsetting hair salons in NYC. It began with a bang at the fabled "Bumble and Bumble Salon". From there I went on "The Spot" another celebrity magnet known for it's theatre work. When "The Spot" closed in 2000, I moved to the world -renowned "Warren-Tricomi". Today, you"ll find me at the glam-laden "Pierre Michel Salon in Upper Midtown Manhattan NYC.

I have to admit: I am a whiz at color corrections. I'm known for that and concocting custom color formulations for each client. My highlighting techniques involve personalized color placement, creating tonal variations that either be polished and natural or a bit raw and deliciously off-kilter.

Education in the beauty industry constantly evolves, and I'm always seeking out the most current looks and products. I also love mentoring younger future hair colorist;  their enthusiasm helps keep me vibrant and at the leading edge.

Besides my extensive schooling in the beauty industry, I also studied at "The School of Visual Arts", lifting my game on color. The Color Theory classes were amazing that's where my mind snowballed with endless results for beautiful haircolors. In the Two Dimensional Design class I learned the placement of color within the haircut or style.

"Color Me Happy"


Pierre Michel Salon

135 East 57th. Street 

3rd. Floor

NYC, NY 10021


“She is a great colorist. She is very talented in what she does. She is very kind and thoughtful and cares for others. She loves what she does.”

Kaori Nomura colorist at Tokuyama Salon TriBeCa.

“Her hunger for knowledge is what makes her so talented and you can see the passion she has for this business instantly. She also has a great way of explaining things which is what makes her a great educator. If anyone is looking to grow professionally in this industry Marie is an amazing mentor.” - Joanna Delgado, colorist at Pierre Michel Salon NYC

“Having the pleasure to work with and get to know Marie has been such a great experience. I learned so much and am lucky to have the opportunity to include her in my list of mentors in the color industry! I highly recommend Marie as a great colorist and person.” - Courtney Joy, former colorist at Red Market Salon NYC

“Very talented!” - Pierre Ouaknine, Co-Founder of Pierre Michel Salon NYC